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ChatGPT: Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM)


This expert pool on large language models like ChatGPT seeks to address the challenges and opportunities presented by using LLM and generative AI in education, including issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, critical thinking, academic integrity, and digital and information literacy. Universities need to establish the necessary educational and ethical conditions for the utilisation LLM in general to enhance teaching and learning in higher education. This EMPOWER expert pool seeks to explore ongoing assessments of the impact of LLM on education, identifying and mapping good practices related to the use of LLM and generative AI, developing evidence based models and guidelines for integrating LLM and generative AI into teaching and learning design. Based on this we can develop recommendations and guidelines for the ethical use of LLM and generative AI, organizing continuing professional development programmes, and implementing a communication and dissemination plan.