Sharing expertise for new modes of teaching and learning

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EMPOWER supports collaboration and sharing of expertise between European universities and provides specialist advice and guidance for institutional leaders on the latest developments in online, open and flexible education. EMPOWER offers:

  • Free independent advice
  • Experience of almost 100 trusted experts
  • Guidance for university leaders
  • Expert panels for targeted reviews
  • Support for the strategic whole of institution initiatives
  • A think-tank for re-imagining the future of higher education




New modes of teaching and learning create new opportunities for enhancing the quality of the learning experience in on-campus programmes, reaching out to new target groups off-campus and offering freely accessible courses nationally or worldwide through the internet. 

The implementation of new modes of teaching and learning requires institutional strategies and frameworks. It cannot be successful without a strong motivation of professional teaching staff and without a continuous commitment from the top management of a higher education institution.

EMPOWER has been established to support European Higher Education Institutions in their transition to new modes of teaching and learning in:

  • Blended education or the combination of e-learning and face to face teaching and learning on campus (in mainstream degree programmes).
  • Online and flexible education for 25 + students, in short, or degree programmes or in continuing education schemes (incl. CPD).
  • Open education, which is freely available in the public domains (e.g. open educational resources, MOOCs).
Our Story


"I believe EMPOWER is an inspiration for many to further innovate education and start cooperation and sharing of expertise with fellow innovators"

George Ubachs, Managing Director EADTU

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The EMPOWER network

The EMPOWER network today consists of 21 partners from 16 countries.

EMPOWER was founded in 2014, as a partnership of 13 leading European universities in blended and online education, the association expanded its partnership to 21 European universities in 2019.